If you’ve ever wished you could listen to your favorite song or watch TV anywhere in your home without needing stacks of equipment, Tunnel Vision can make that a reality with an easy-to-use, intuitive whole house audio system. Our unique approach combined with our cutting edge technology allows us to reduce the amount of equipment you need to play your media and discretely hide the few items you do need.

No more arguments with the kids about who gets to control the TV—an affordable TVTI system can allow each of your children to simultaneously watch their preferred show while you enjoy the big game or your favorite cooking show.

Watch What You Want, When You Want, In Every Room of Your Home

With an intelligently synced audio and video distribution system from TVTI, you can finish watching a program recorded on your family room DVR in the bedroom later that night.

We eliminate worries about which DVR your favorite show was recorded on or which DVD player your favorite movie is sitting in—with our intelligent home design, every audio and video source available in one room is accessible in another.