Instant Access to Favorite TV Content

Instant Access to Your Favorite TV Content in Every Room of Your Home

With TVTI, you won’t have to duck back into the living room from the kitchen to see what’s happening on your favorite show while you’re cooking or engage in epic struggles with the kids over who controls the TV. TVTI’s smart home system technology allows homeowners to watch their favorite TV shows anywhere in their home. And the best thing is that TVTI does it without using stacks of equipment.

TVTI’s cutting-edge technology creates a convenient and easy solution that allows our clients to watch their favorite content in any room of their home. There are no messy wires or clunky equipment involved, just a few small devices that can be discretely hidden in convenient spots.

Watch Content Recorded on a DVR in Your Home

Get Smart

TVTI’s intelligently synced audio and video distribution system allows you to watch content recorded on a DVR in any room of your home. You don’t have to run the kids out of the family room or end up sleeping on the couch to watch a recording of the big game. TVTI allows you to watch from wherever it’s convenient, whether it’s the bedroom, a den or even out in your man cave or home office.

Smart home systems are becoming increasingly popular as consumers realize the benefits of remote access to vital home functions such as HVAC control, lighting, locks, and more. Remote access to entertainment options throughout your home brings smart home convenience to the arena of entertainment.

TVTI’s customized smart home system already saves each client money and makes their lives much easier. Learn how it can also put a stop to the age-old fight over who has control of the remote by contacting TVTI representatives today for a consultation.