Technology Specialist

ShellJob Description:

I provide Shading Systems support for our Residential customer base in the City and surrounding Suburbs. I deliver wing to wing service from initial consultation, scheduling/installation, and any post sale/install service or support to ensure complete satisfaction. My primary goal is to ensure our customers receive the perfect shading solution for their home.

What do you like best about your business and/or your job?

My job allows me the freedom to plan my daily activities. I work in a casual work environment with innovative staff and leadership who are all very knowledgeable and supportive.

What have you learned “on the job” that you could not have learned without this experience?

Having a stress-free work environment promotes a willingness to go above and beyond.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I enjoy golfing as often as possible. When not golfing, I unwind by watching sports or playing cards with friends, dining out, or finding new home improvement projects to take on.

What three words describe you best?


What do you think Tunnel Vision does better than any other company?

TVTi provides the most comprehensive residential and commercial automation solutions with the best talent to install and maintain services provided.