Sales Manager


Job Description:
I am the guy you call when you need anything. I am in charge of providing commercial and residential solutions to our clients. Call me today with your design needs, I can’t wait to help you.

What do you like best about your business and/or your job?
After years in the industry, I enjoy improving peoples’ lives with technology the most. Making technology simple, sensible and reliable is my approach to providing solutions to my clients. When a project is complete and people begin to enjoy a system is the most rewarding part.

What have you learned “on the job” that you could not have learned without this experience?
Simply what works and what doesn’t. There is an overwhelming amount of new products flooding the market. My experience designing and installing custom solutions has provided the knowledgebase to understand what makes people happy.

What do you do when you’re not working?
Outdoor activities of any kind. I especially enjoy boating and water activities.

What three words describe you best?
Organized, trustworthy, and responsive.

Finally, what do you think Tunnel Vision does better than any other company?
Going the extra mile where others won’t. Our documentation, support and flexibility is what sets us apart. We have a great team approach to any project we work on.