Project Manager

Job Description:
I’m a Project Manager with some Service Technician built in.

What do you like best about your business and/or your job?
I like that things are always changing, we’re always building something new, and we get to meet a lot of people and be a helpful part of their lives.

What have you learned “on the job” that you could not have learned without this experience?
I’ve learned that it takes a lot of dedication and hard work behind the scenes to make a system work simply and reliably for the client.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I love to spend time with my family, watch movies, and play video games.

What three words describe you best?
Hardworking, honest, and easygoing.

What do you think Tunnel Vision does better than any other company?
We work with and really listen to our clients to understand their wants and needs so that we can provide them with a true execution of their vision.