Driving Like a Pro: The Ins and Outs of a Full Swing Golf Simulator


Some smart home systems make your family safer. Others add to your comfort. Then there are gadgets like the Full Swing Golf Simulator, which just make life worth living. With a visually realistic presentation and top-of-the-line infrared technology, this high-tech simulator brings the joys (and frustrations) of St. Andrews to your basement.

Designed for PGA professionals, golf courses, and training schools, the Full Swing Golf Simulator also has a faithful following among die-hard enthusiasts. Although the hefty price tag meant it was once limited to those with an unlimited pocketbook, newer technology has helped bring costs down.

As golf simulators join the growing ranks of smart home technology, more people will now have direct access to this world-class golfing tool.

Step Up Your Game

That’s good news for golf lovers all over the world. Now amateur players can take advantage of the same FSG sim technology the pros use to practice and analyze their technique.

Whether you use it improve your stroke, teach your children the ins and outs of the game, or even to test your new clubs, the Full Swing Golf Simulator is designed to provide accurate and real-time feedback.

For thirty years, FSG has prided itself on quality, accuracy, realism, and reliability. Its impressive software and imaging systems bring the green of the outdoors to the indoors, simulating the flight of a golf ball through the air as if you were playing in the real world.

Accurate Flight Data –With dual ball-tracking technologies that provide rapid and detailed information to the computer, you get an unbelievably accurate rendering of ball flight. An infrared tracking system also instantly measures the speed, launch angle, and direction of the ball.


FSG’s proprietary high-speed camera system makes it the most precise golf simulator on the market. The Ion2 Vision Technology measures your ball’s back spin, side spin, and spin axis, as well as your club’s speed, path, and face angle. That means you get a faithful depiction of the ball’s trajectory and a more accurate picture of your game, and all of that without special clubs or extra markings on the ball.

Impressive Graphics – Equipped with E6 golf, the best golf software platform around, the FSG simulator also gives you a visually impressive depiction of real courses. For many pros, that makes all the difference. It’s one thing to gather raw data on your stroke; it’s another thing to watch the ball fly past swaying trees and over rippling streams as it makes its way to the hole in real time.

Life-Like Conditions. Finally, golfers now have the ability to test their game in real life conditions. One upon a time, simulators could only recreate a flat fairway, but now you can undulate the ground to recreate inclines from the comfort of your home or office.

Relax and Enjoy

Of course, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. While the FSG is serious business, many people also use it to have a good time with friends and family, passing their leisure hours entertaining guests and showing off their impressive new skills. Indeed, it’s not unusual for the FSG to become the life of the party.

If you do decide to up your stroke with a Full Swing Golf Simulator, TVTI can help you select and install this one-of-a-kind smart home system in your home or office.

In the end, you may not swing like Padraig Harrington or Tiger Woods, but you will be using the same cutting-edge technology to improve your game.