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Window Treatment Options for Every Room in Your Home

It seems the home of the future is already here, with homeowners adjusting their thermostats from their smartphones and calling out questions and requests to virtual home assistants. With all that technology available to you, we have a question: are you still opening your blinds by hand? It may be time for an upgrade to window treatments more in keeping with your tech-savvy lifestyle.

Automated shades and blinds give you control over your privacy as well as the amount of light coming into your home. By controlling the light, you’ll give your home the ambiance you want, but you’ll also protect your belongings from sun damage. Additionally, you can use your shades or blinds to help manage the temperature in your home, which means savings on your energy bill. Unlike traditional blinds and shades, which can sometimes be difficult to adjust, motorized window treatments can be adjusted with the touch of a button, using the remote control. In fact, motorized shades and blinds are even programmable.

These benefits would be enough to warrant the installation of motorized window shades or blinds, but there’s more to them than that. Stylish, sophisticated, and technologically advanced,…

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Ring in the New Year with Multi-Room Audio/Video Distribution

Are you ready to kick your home’s audiovisual capabilities up a notch? In the age of streaming services and handheld devices that allow us to carry our entertainment around in our pockets, we’ve become spoiled to having the audial and visual experiences we want anywhere, any time. Why not bring that kind of flexibility into your home? With today’s technology, you can have high-quality sound and picture anywhere in your home, and even outdoors. Ready to get started?

  • Decide exactly what you want from your audio-visual system. How many rooms or zones should be included in your whole home system? Do you want separate systems, or should everything be connected to one central system? What connections are available on your equipment already? Is this a do it yourself project or should you call in the professionals? Do you have everything you need, or do you need to pick up some more components before you get too deep into this job?
  • How many audio sources do you need? Your audio input comes from many sources: cable television, streaming media devices, blu-ray or DVD players, turntables or CD players, streaming music services, an…

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Digital Signage Tips for Your Business

Is your business using technology to its best advantage? If you’re not using digital signage, you’re missing out. The digital signage market has taken off, and with good reason: digital technology offers innovative, interactive options to improve your branding and increase your business’s visibility.

You’ve certainly seen examples of companies using digital signage to boost their brands. Retailers are using digital technology to provide virtual makeovers, showcase certain products on the wall, and allow for interactive advertising. Additionally, interactive kiosks are useful in reducing wait time and boosting sales. How can you best use digital signage to help your business?

  • Keep it simple. While technology is complicated, your digital signage shouldn’t be. Keep your branding consistent, and don’t try to incorporate too many technological aspects at once. The beauty of digital signage is that you can change your message and use eye-catching imagery. To do this effectively, though, you’ll want to keep your branding instantly recognizable.
  • Don’t limit your location. Having digital signage at your brick and mortar store is effective, but what’s even more impactful is allowing customers 24-hour access to your technology. Installing a unit somewhere away from your location…

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Natural Lighting Benefits for Your Home and Business

Over the past 100 years since electric lighting became the norm, humans have shifted from natural circadian lighting to stagnant, artificial light. Many people live and work indoors with fixed lighting and bright computer screens. As a result, most of us don’t receive the natural stimuli we need to maintain proper health and sleep soundly at night.

Ketra, which was recently acquired by Lutron Electronics, offers natural lighting solutions that provide the highest-quality transitional light to create stimulating commercial and residential environments. Ketra bulbs flawlessly emulate daylight from cool and bright in the morning to clear and blue at midday to soft and warm in the evening.

TVTI partners with both Ketra and Lutron to deliver a superior lighting experience to our Chicago customers. Let’s explore the aesthetic, biological and productivity benefits of natural lighting for your home and business.

Aesthetic Benefits of Natural Lighting

Natural light is ever-changing. This offers beauty and versatility with which cold, static lighting can’t compare. Consider these aesthetic reasons to upgrade to natural lighting:

  • Natural light looks and feels right: Your body is naturally attuned to the changes that light undergoes throughout the day. The automatic temperature adjustment of…

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Audio and Video Distribution for Your Smart Office

If you operate a collaborative business in Chicago, the work environment benefits when it’s easy to communicate ideas and metrics with one another. It’s also important to have a method for giving presentations to clients and partners without awkwardly fumbling with equipment or experiencing embarrassing tech glitches.

Harness the potential to share more with audio and video distribution systems from TVTI. We can turn your business into a “smart office” by giving you the ability to direct audio and video to any room in the building, all from a single device. The end result is a reliable, impactful and easy-to-use audio/video solution you’ll use every day.

Applications for Video Distribution in Your Smart Office

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Convey messages quickly and effectively with video displays. Here are some ways you can apply video distribution in your smart office:

  • Show off employee work: Encourage employees to display their work in progress by outfitting each desk with a large, high-definition display. Then, when coworkers walk by, stimulating conversations ensue. This same technique can be used to share new ideas over lunch without clumsily passing a mobile device around. There’s…

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