New Year, New Home Automation!

It’s a new year, and there are plenty of opportunities to improve your life for 2018! This year could be the year that you cut home costs, upgrade your security, and create an insanely convenient and modern home atmosphere! This year, home automation systems and products are entering more homes than ever. Modern homeowners are able to control their lighting, security systems and much more from their device or via a central unit located within the home. And this year, you can too!

Add Automation to Your Home Security Arsenal

When you add intelligent home design to your home security strategy, you add much more than you think. In addition to security, adding automation also brings savings, comfort, energy efficiency, and more.

Automation Saves Money and Time

When you install home automation, you no longer have to keep any lights or appliances on longer than necessary when you’re not at home. You also won’t have to spend time or fuel to travel home to ensure appliances are powered off or doors are locked, nor waste hours worrying about them.

Keeps Things Comfortable

With home automation systems, there’s no need to worry about unexpected temperature increases or decreases within your home while you’re away. Instead, you can use your device to monitor and adjust your home’s temperature, which saves you money.

Improves Efficiency

Energy efficiency is yet another benefit of installing home automation. When you’re able to monitor your home climate control and other systems remotely, you can make adjustments to ensure they run as efficiently as possible. The more efficiently a system runs, the longer its useful life will be.

Improves Security

Imagine being able to turn your lights on and off or lock and unlock your doors with just your cell phone, from where ever you are in the world. This kind of improved security is possible with a home surveillance system. A simple app can eliminate the risk of thieves entering your home by allowing you to turn your lights on at random times. Some home surveillance systems can also let you know whenever someone enters your home.

It Is Always There

Instead of having to ask a neighbor to watch over your home while you’re away, a home automation system is always there. You can monitor your home remotely to ensure constant security. You can even use home automation in conjunction with that helpful neighbor.

For example, when they leave your home, you can use your home lighting control to make it look like someone is there. As well, the ability to control your home’s locks remotely can ensure security in the event your neighbor forgets to lock any connected doors.

The constant presence that home automation provides can also prevent the stealing of delivered items. Instead of leaving items on your doorstep, you can communicate directly with the delivery people and ask them to leave items in a more secure location like your garage. You can open the garage door and even watch the person deliver the item before securing the door remotely when they’ve left.

It Helps Prevent Disaster

You’ve probably heard a few stories about families who come home from vacation, only to discover that a water pipe has burst and caused serious damage. Believe it or not, this can also be avoided when you have certain types of automated systems in your home.

Some of these systems will send you an alert when emergencies like this occur but take things a step further by allowing you to turn off your home’s water supply until you or a repair person can get there.

Special Lighting at Your Fingertips

You can also use your home automation system for fun during special times when family and friends gather. For those holiday dinner parties, you can use your home automation system to set the mood. Depending on what it’s connected to, your system may be able to store any number of different scenes that include music choices, temperature and home lighting control.

Privacy When You Want It

In addition to controlling your lighting, many home automation systems also let you control your privacy. You can simply access your device to raise your motorized window blinds and let the light in. As the sun sets, simply set your shades to close at the same time your lights turn on.

Multitask Like Never Before

Entertaining company during parties or events is not for the faint of heart. There’s all that cooking and, on top of it, the necessity of having to run and answer the door with the arrival of each guest. However, thanks to home automation, this is no longer a problem. Instead of having to interrupt your time in the kitchen, you can communicate with guests via your cell phone, welcoming them and even letting them in without having to stop what you’re doing.

Finding the Best Home Automation Products

Even if you are tech-savvy, it’s best to seek the knowledge of professionals when installing your home automation system, but not all companies are created equal. The best company for your home automation needs is one that has received few complaints in its online reviews.

Another sign of a reputable company is its track record. Any company you are considering should have experience with several kinds of home automation installation situations. It should also be experienced with simple and complex installations, from home climate control to central systems that control several appliances.

Being involved with technology means being able to stay one step ahead. A company that knows which of its products will remain current after the next trend is definitely the right one. It should also know which equipment will work best with a central hub.

Of course, any company you choose should be able to answer any questions you have about home automation, motorized window blinds, and other products. All in all, in choosing a company with a high level of experience, you can ensure that your home automation system is installed faster and with fewer mistakes and that it is of the highest quality.

Don’t Base It on Price

You should never choose a company to provide your home automation services because it offers low prices. Doing this can also risk your having no warranty to fall back on in case something goes wrong with your system. A company that is established and which charges more for its products and services will eliminate the possibility of having to repair or replace your system before you should have to.

TVTI has provided its customers with knowledgeable and top-quality intelligent home design services since 1999. When you’re looking for the best in-home automation, lighting control systems, security, and more, our fabrication and installation specialists can help. Call 312-829-9145 to learn more about the cutting-edge products and services we offer.

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A Look at the Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Did you know that professionally installed smart home technology could increase the resale value of your home? Smart home technology also makes your life easier and your home more energy efficient. Keep reading for a list of more advantages that smart home technology has to offer. Convenience A smart home system can give homeowners remote access to many different features inside their home. Providing comfort at your fingertips, a smart home system allows you to change the settings on your heating and cooling system from the couch. You can use a smart home system to play video or audio in any room of the house, provided you have speakers installed. You can even use a smart home system to raise or lower your window blinds, or communicate through intercoms installed in the house. Peace of Mind When installed with an advanced security system, smart home technology gives you unparalleled security. Motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and even key cards and fingerprint identification technology can be installed with a smart home system. Energy Efficiency Smart home systems can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by giving you greater control over a number of different settings. For instance, you can program the lights to shut off when no one is in a room. You can also set the thermostat to maintain a certain temperature during the day when no one is home, and return the home to a more comfortable temperature before you get home. Accessibility Smart home technology can be of great benefit to seniors and disabled residents. Voice-command smart home systems can be used to lock doors, operate a phone, use a computer, and control lights. Smart home technology allows homeowners to establish a schedule for the sprinkler, effectively saving a great deal of time and energy. If you are looking for a home automation installer in Chicago, look no further than Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. We have been installing specialized technology since 1999. Visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer, and call us at (312) 386-7219 for more information.

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How Automation Can Help You Become More Energy Conscious

Home automation is widely known for its convenience, but it’s also very energy efficient. With a Control 4 home automation system, you can set your house to “Away” when you leave, even if you’re just going to work, and the system will take steps to conserve energy for you. In addition, simply adjusting the default light setting from 100 to 90 percent will make a difference in your energy bill—it can even reduce your carbon footprint by 850 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, which is equivalent to not driving a car for one month. Control 4 home automation technology has a “Green” setting that instantly reduces HVAC usage, turns of unneeded lights, and reduces appliance usage.

To learn more about the benefits of switching to an energy-conscious smart home system in Chicago, call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 386-7219. Visit us on the web to learn more about our energy-efficient lighting control and home automation systems.

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Tunnel Vision Technology: What We Do

At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we have installed a wide range of residential and commercial technology solutions for our customers in the Chicago area since 1999. Today, we offer products such as custom home automation systems and lighting control systems. These technologies offer you the convenience of being able to adjust the lights or control features of your home from the comfort of your living room. Our systems are designed for optimal energy efficiency as well. We even offer automated window treatments, surveillance systems, high-tech climate control systems, and audio and video systems. Watch this video clip to learn more about the home and office technologies we offer.

At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we invite you to visit our website to take a closer look at the projects we have recently completed. If you have any questions about our smart home and office systems, give us a call at (312) 386-7219.

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Like to Entertain? Then You’ll Love These Smart Home Solutions

Some people have a knack for entertaining guests. More often than not, however, access to the right tips and technology can have as much of an impact on one’s competence as a host as his or her acumen for entertaining.

Smart home climate, lighting, and entertainment solutions can help guests feel comfortable and at ease while freeing up time and energy for you to prepare food, mix up drinks, and attend to your guests’ needs. If you have children who you trust to entertain themselves in their rooms and put themselves to bed while you are entertaining, you can save additional time by checking up on them with video intercom technology on your smartphone.

Whether you are looking to host a casual dinner for a few of your closest friends or throw a sizeable sports party, smart home technology can make entertaining easier and more fun for you and your guests. For information about the technologies that Chicago home automation installer Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can provide you with, call (312) 386-7219. We specialize in the design and installation of Control4 and Crestron home automation systems.

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