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Office Design Trends and Products

Digital signage and video walls may give the impression of the office of the future. They’re great technologies, but there are many other office design trends to take note of. Some of the aspects below are components of ethonomics, or design concepts for the modern workplace that include technology, environment, planning and, not the least, food. After all, well-fed workers (with a healthy diet) are healthier, feel better, and are more productive.

In an intelligent office, one should consider:

  • Lighting: Overlooking office lighting can have dire impacts. If your space is too dark or the lighting is poor, you could inadvertently contribute to employees’ depression. Bad lighting can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and increase irritability. When a company doesn’t address these, one can try installing natural light bulbs near their desk.
  • Wiring: Many electronic devices are still wired. Even in a wireless world, laptops, computing equipment, printers, and other office equipment need to be linked to the grid. Work desks and conference tables with the means to conceal wires make a workplace look more organized. Reducing clutter can make a workplace more productive—or cleaner looking, at the very least.

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