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Ring in the New Year with Multi-Room Audio/Video Distribution

Are you ready to kick your home’s audiovisual capabilities up a notch? In the age of streaming services and handheld devices that allow us to carry our entertainment around in our pockets, we’ve become spoiled to having the audial and visual experiences we want anywhere, any time. Why not bring that kind of flexibility into your home? With today’s technology, you can have high-quality sound and picture anywhere in your home, and even outdoors. Ready to get started?

  • Decide exactly what you want from your audio-visual system. How many rooms or zones should be included in your whole home system? Do you want separate systems, or should everything be connected to one central system? What connections are available on your equipment already? Is this a do it yourself project or should you call in the professionals? Do you have everything you need, or do you need to pick up some more components before you get too deep into this job?
  • How many audio sources do you need? Your audio input comes from many sources: cable television, streaming media devices, blu-ray or DVD players, turntables or CD players, streaming music services, an…

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