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Natural Lighting Benefits for Your Home and Business

Over the past 100 years since electric lighting became the norm, humans have shifted from natural circadian lighting to stagnant, artificial light. Many people live and work indoors with fixed lighting and bright computer screens. As a result, most of us don’t receive the natural stimuli we need to maintain proper health and sleep soundly at night.

Ketra, which was recently acquired by Lutron Electronics, offers natural lighting solutions that provide the highest-quality transitional light to create stimulating commercial and residential environments. Ketra bulbs flawlessly emulate daylight from cool and bright in the morning to clear and blue at midday to soft and warm in the evening.

TVTI partners with both Ketra and Lutron to deliver a superior lighting experience to our Chicago customers. Let’s explore the aesthetic, biological and productivity benefits of natural lighting for your home and business.

Aesthetic Benefits of Natural Lighting

Natural light is ever-changing. This offers beauty and versatility with which cold, static lighting can’t compare. Consider these aesthetic reasons to upgrade to natural lighting:

  • Natural light looks and feels right: Your body is naturally attuned to the changes that light undergoes throughout the day. The automatic temperature adjustment of…

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