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Audio and Video Distribution for Your Smart Office

If you operate a collaborative business in Chicago, the work environment benefits when it’s easy to communicate ideas and metrics with one another. It’s also important to have a method for giving presentations to clients and partners without awkwardly fumbling with equipment or experiencing embarrassing tech glitches.

Harness the potential to share more with audio and video distribution systems from TVTI. We can turn your business into a “smart office” by giving you the ability to direct audio and video to any room in the building, all from a single device. The end result is a reliable, impactful and easy-to-use audio/video solution you’ll use every day.

Applications for Video Distribution in Your Smart Office

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Convey messages quickly and effectively with video displays. Here are some ways you can apply video distribution in your smart office:

  • Show off employee work: Encourage employees to display their work in progress by outfitting each desk with a large, high-definition display. Then, when coworkers walk by, stimulating conversations ensue. This same technique can be used to share new ideas over lunch without clumsily passing a mobile device around. There’s…

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