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Intelligent Home Design Ideas

Do you dream of having a smart home? It may seem surreal, but today we have the technology to almost completely automate a home. Are you interested in integrating technology, but concerned about how it will impact your home’s aesthetic appeal? Not to worry- you can have a functional, stylish home that incorporates the latest in intelligent technology while maintaining visually appealing interior design.

First, decide what elements of technology you want to include. The term “intelligent home” means different things to different people, and what the term encompasses for you is a personal choice. For instance, twenty years ago exterior light timers seemed “high-tech,” but today, those are fairly common. You probably already have an internet connection, and some of the other technological elements you may want to consider include:

  • Automated lighting and temperature control
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other communication protocols
  • Home security and safety systems
  • Entertainment systems controlled by computer, phone, or tablet
  • Appliances that can communicate with each other

Spend some time giving some serious consideration to how technology in your home can improve your life. Do you want to wake up to lighting and temperature that gradually change to…

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