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Your Guide to Intelligent Office Design

When we think of intelligent offices, homes, buildings, etc., it’s often the great automation technologies and gadgets of the day that come to mind. Intelligent office design is more than about gadgets and unified controls. Nonetheless, these are important, and what TVTI offers will be discussed in more detail later.

How do you plan today’s intelligent office? That is what we will focus on here, plus the trends and products of the day that will help you maximize the functionality and versatility of your office, no matter what industry it serves.

Planning for Intelligent Office Design

Financial success is often the primary objective for companies. Many have traditionally created and encouraged a high-pressure work environment that can take its toll, but more than a few are now realizing the perks of addressing the needs of employees. Organizations that lack employee engagement, according to statistics compiled by Harvard Business Review, see:

  • 18% lower productivity
  • 16% lower profitability
  • 37% less job growth
  • 37% higher absenteeism

Workplace stress has a major impact on employee health. The publication also noted that high-pressure employers spend 50% more on healthcare expenditures, 80% of doctor visits are…

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