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Examining the Latest Lighting Technology from Control4

For years, optimal lighting has been that elusive missing component from many homes’ designs. To understand how a few new lighting fixtures and automated home lighting solutions from Control4 can raise the quality of your home’s lighting from average to top-notch, check out this brief video clip.

With the help of a Control4 smart home technology dealer like Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., you can do more than integrate your Chicago home’s lighting for automation purposes. You can boost its ambient appeal by programming lighting settings for different times of day, moods, and activities. You can also reduce the presence of light switches in your home and label those that remain so that they are intuitive for everyone who uses them. To learn more, call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 386-7219.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Conferences

The latest video conferencing technology can make collaboration between colleagues cheaper, more convenient, and more efficient than meeting in person. If the elements that make video conferencing technology revolutionary are not all there, however, the results can leave much to be desired. In order to improve the efficacy of your video conferences, make sure that all parties to the conference are equipped with the following information and video conferencing technology.

Consider Appearance and Preparation

If you are making a sales pitch or want your input to be heard at a video conference, you still need to practice and dress the part. Even if you are tuning in from home, you should take the time to dress up and look fresh. Practice your pitch or presentation just as you would if you were to deliver it in a room full of people.

Set Up the Best Lighting

It is now common for a video conference to serve as the first form of exposure that a potential employee or client has to a company. If you want to make a good impression on the talent or partner you are trying to recruit, accent the best...
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