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Exploring the Benefits of Home Automation

Imagine that you have just arrived at the airport with your family to catch a flight, when your partner asks if you locked the front door. You had quietly been wanting to ask the same question, but did not want to incite anxiety and unease if unnecessary. Chances are that one of you did lock the door, and with a Control4-configured smart home, you can pull out your smartphone and double check, locking any doors and windows that were left unlocked without even having to step out of the flight check-in line. Continue reading to learn more about the major benefits of home automation.

Boost Security

When you have the ability to control your home’s automatic locks from your phone, monitor your security cameras, and check up on the kids you have trusted to stay home alone, your home becomes a safer and more secure place. Add to that the ability to check up on and control your HVAC, lighting, and water-intensive appliances, and you can ramp up the control you have over preventing fires and floods in your home. Automating your home may even help you qualify for a Read More

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A Showcase of Control4 Technology

A nationwide leader in the provision of smart home solutions, Control4 has been at the forefront of the home automation technology industry since its inception. For a glimpse of the comfort, convenience, safety, and energy savings you can enjoy with Control4 home automation in your Chicago home, check out this video clip.

The setting of this video is MainStreet America in Spring, Texas, where 12 homes were designed to showcase the best in home building, decorating, and design. Many consumers who visit MainStreet America for inspiration when building or remodeling a home leave the showcase so impressed with Control4 technology that they decide to have their homes configured for Control4 home automation immediately.

Do you live in the Chicago area and want to learn more about how you can integrate your home’s security, HVAC, lighting, and audio systems with Control4 home automation technology? If so, call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 386-7219.

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