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Features of the Control4 Automation System

Control4 makes your life easier by letting you control several components in your home with just one device. Program the thermostat, lights, shades, TV, home theater system, door locks, music, security system, and more with your Control4 Automation system. The Control4 Automation system will even alert you if your surveillance system detects a leak in the basement or an intruder attempting to break in. Watch this video clip to learn more about the features of Control4.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. of Chicago has years of experience installing smart home and home automation systems. We even install office automation systems, custom home theaters, audio systems, and surveillance systems. Learn more about what we offer by visiting us online. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (312) 386-7219.

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Factors to Consider When Planning Your Home Theater

You haven’t really enjoyed a movie or the big game at home until you’ve watched them on your own home theater system. With a home theater, you can recreate the big screen and sound experience of your favorite cinema or sports bar in the comfort of your own space. At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we provide customizable home theaters using smart home technology to create home entertainment like you’ve never experienced before. As you design your home theater, here are some factors to keep in mind. Room Location When you’re deciding where to place your home theater, consider how the sound from your theater and the rest of the home will mix. You want a room that has enough distance from activity areas that noise won’t interfere with your theater experience. You also want to prevent noise from your home theater disturbing other parts of the home as much as possible. Ideally, home theater rooms should be rectangular rather than square and have minimal natural light. Screen Size Big screens are a must for home theaters, but that doesn’t mean you should simply buy the biggest one you...
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