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Understanding What a Smart Office Design Looks Like

Designing a functional and comfortable office space can be very complicated. Because there are so many different environmental and functional factors to consider, it’s best to design your office by collaborating with a Chicago automation and smart office design firm. Intelligent office design can improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and culture, all of which can lead to a happier and healthier work environment. Here are a few important factors of a smart office design.

Physical Comfort

One of the priorities of a smart office design is creating a comfortable working environment. A work environment with many physical distractions can make it difficult to be stay productive throughout the day. Automation controls for various environmental controls such as heating and cooling, window treatments, and lighting can minimize distractions and irritations that make it difficult to complete a full work day.


Security and Safety

A smart office is also a secure office. Commercial security systems that protect your office space without being overly restrictive on your staff are essential to protecting your business. The right combination of security and surveillance systems can help your office run confidently and comfortably at all times of the…

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Audio and Video Distribution Available at Tunnel Vision Technology Inc.

Most entertainment equipment allows you to program your own personal settings, but managing duplicate equipment and juggling several remotes is counterintuitive to making your life easier. That’s why we here at TVTI have invested in cutting-edge equipment to connect everything to a centralized interface and control your entertainment center from one simple device.

The TVTI Audio and Video Distribution service can network with virtually all of your media devices, including: DVD and Blu-Ray players, PCs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, and more. This means that you can watch different channels on multiple TVs without the confusion or clutter of redundant equipment.

Our specialists will work with you to assess your individual needs and provide a customized and cost-effective solution, so don’t hesitate to contact Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. to schedule a quote. As a premier specialist in office and home automation in Chicago, we have the experience to provide creative solutions that just work. Call (312) 829-9145 today to request more information.

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An Overview of Office Security Awareness Training

Smart office security systems are essential to keeping your work environment safe through all hours of the day and night. But simply having the equipment isn’t always enough—training your staff to vigilantly maintain a secure work environment is absolutely essential to preventing breaches. Security awareness training can educate your employees on workplace security and empower them to contribute to the safety of your office.

What Is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training focuses on educating your employees on how security concerns play into your office’s daily operations. Different offices have different security needs due to the type of work they do, where they are located, and the level of security automation in their office. Security awareness gives your staff the information they need to identify potential security risks and act to mitigate them.


What Should Security Awareness Include?

Security awareness for most employees should focus on simple, every-day steps they can take to proactively prevent security breaches. This can include keeping secure doors closed during business hours, wearing ID badges throughout the office, knowing how to store or destroy sensitive information, as well as understanding protocol for resolving or…

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Using Your Videoconferencing System Effectively

Videoconferencing systems are an integral part of any office automation setup, and can be used to expand your business throughout the Chicago area and beyond. However, effectively conducing a meeting with videoconferencing equipment is much different than running a meeting in person. Here are some helpful tips to help make your video conferences effective and productive.

Arrive Prepared and Early

One similarity between videoconferencing and in-person meetings is that preparation is absolutely essential. Being ready for your video conference will make the experience more productive and more valuable for everyone. Arrive early to ensure that you can establish a connection with all parties involved on the call.

Prepare the Room

Because your meeting is conducted using monitors and cameras, controlling various environmental factors ahead of time is important. Monitor glare, inadequate lighting, and poor audio quality are the most common problems you’ll run into. Office automation systems and audio equipment from a Chicago office equipment installer can make controlling for these external factors much easier.

Use Good Videoconferencing Etiquette

How your meeting operates will also be different since participants are in totally separate places. When making a comment, start by saying your name and where you’re from….

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The Benefits of Using Home Automation Systems

Almost everything from coffeemakers to your flatscreen TVs are programmable, but after a certain point it becomes a major chore in itself to micromanage all of your appliances. That’s where home automation comes in. With the help of our specialists here at Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., you can transform your Chicago home into a “smart home” to conserve energy and make your living space that much more comfortable. Learn more below:


The biggest appeal of home automation is the sheer convenience of having total control of all of your major appliances at your fingertips. Forgot to turn up the thermostat before heading to work? Simply change the thermostat settings straight from your phone, or even close the blinds. And best of all, home automation systems are designed to be expandable, so you can start small with one room and add other items at a later time.



Home automation systems are commonly paired with light switches or even CCTV surveillance systems for added security when you’re out of the house. However, it’s now possible to take things a step further with electronic locks and other peripherals. Imagine being able to remotely lock or unlock…

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