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The Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. Process

Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. provides friendly and personal automation and technology services to our customers throughout the Chicago area. After you meet with our team to discuss the unique needs of your home or office, we will provide you with a customized plan that offers several automation solutions. To help you visualize how the automation system will work for you, we will also provide full color illustrations of how the system will be integrated into your space. By providing you with information and options, we will help you create the best possible automation solution that will perfectly meet your needs.

To get started on designing your custom automation solution for your home or office, contact Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. of Chicago. Our friendly team of staff is looking forward to helping you integrate cutting edge technology that will make your life more convenient, efficient, and fun. To learn more, call us at (312) 829-9145. 

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Qualities to Look For in a Home Automation Installer

A home automation system will provide you with automatic and intelligent control over a variety of devices and systems. With a home automation system, you will be able to remotely control locks, lighting, doors, window treatments, room temperature, and more. When considering a home automation system, here are a few qualities to look for in a home automation installer:

Customized Convenience

When your home automation system is installed, your system should be convenient and simple to use. Your home automation installer should be able to explain how each system works and determine which products and technology will best suit your needs. Find a home automation installer that is willing to work with you to create the perfect system for your home.

Energy Savings

In addition to adding convenience and fun to your everyday routines, a home automation installer should optimize your system to provide you with energy savings. When your home automation is working efficiently, you will save money on your energy bill. Using an integrated network, your climate control, security, and lighting systems can all be operated using a single remote. You will be able to control each element of your home…

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The Benefits of Choosing the Sonance Landscape Series for Your Outdoor Music System

An outdoor music system will create a pleasant, relaxing, and festive atmosphere for your home’s landscaping and outdoor living areas. The Sonance Landscape Series is durable, attractive, and will provide you with top quality audio for your listening pleasure. Here is a closer look at the benefits of choosing the Sonance Landscape Series for your outdoor music system:

High Fidelity Sound

The Sonance Landscape Series contains seven separate speakers that provide the highest quality sound. Included in the Landscape Series are LS47SAT, LS67SAT, and LS87SAT satellite speakers, as well as HS10SUB, LS10SUB, and LS15SUB subwoofers. These speakers operate at different frequencies to provide you with remarkably clean, clear, and crisp sound, even in large outdoor spaces.

Durable Construction

Sonance speakers are crafted with top quality materials so that they are able to withstand all weather conditions. The SLS satellite speakers are waterproof and triple sealed, making them durable against sun, wind, snow, rain, and sand. The Sonance Landscape System is fully operable at temperatures ranging from -20 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. With the Sonance Landscape Series, you will be able to enjoy premium audio outdoors, at any time…

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A Look at the SunBrite TV Product Line

SunBrite TVs are the only televisions that are specifically designed for outdoor use. These incredible televisions provide perfect brightness and visibility and are able to withstand the effects of any weather conditions. This summer, consider bringing your home entertainment system outside with an outdoor SunBrite TV. To learn more about this amazing home technology, let’s take a look at the SunBrite TV product line:

Marquee Series

The Marquee Series is offered in a 55” landscape style that contains a Direct Sunlight-Readable NIT LCD display. This outdoor television is equipped with Enhanced Solar Tolerance technology, which provides fantastic visibility even under direct sunlight. This durable series is provided with weatherproofing features, making it a year round option for outdoor TV enjoyment.

Signature Series

The SunBrite TV Signature Series includes the 6560HD model, which received the 2013 RESI Awared for Best Player/Server. This award-winning outdoor television is 65 inches wide and features a 240Hz LED screen. The larger screen size of this model makes it a perfect choice for outdoor decks, patio, or pools. With a variety of weatherproofing features, including a built-in air flow cooling system, this durable…

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Video Walls 101

Video walls will provide an exciting visual and technological element to your office environment. Using video wall technology, you can display information, videos, graphics, messages, logos, and more. This advanced technology allows you to take advantage of the latest advances in digital photography, PC operation, video conferencing, and broadcasting for a variety of business uses. By installing a video wall in your office, you will increase productivity and create a bold visual experience that attracts the attention of employees and customers, alike. With a limitless range of possibilities, video walls will provide your business with an exciting competitive edge.

To learn more about the variety of office automation technology solutions available from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. of Chicago, call us at (312) 829-9145. We are proud to provide cutting edge automation services that will improve productivity and streamline the daily operations of your business. Our expert team will design a custom automation plan for your office that will launch your business into the next level of technological advancement.

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